Carl Zeiss PROergo Operating Microscope

The latest addition to our family of operating microscopes is the Carl Zeiss PROergo operating microscope. Dr.Gholian’s office is proud to offer this highly sophisticated microscope which offers many new features:
Angled optics for viewing in any position
  • Difficult to access areas which can make root canal therapy very difficult become easier to treat with the angled optics.
  • The optics allow the doctor to view these difficult to access areas in an ergonomic manner and to allow direct illumination to the operating site.
  • A rotatable tube allows ideal visualization when the PROergo is tilted to one side or into extreme positions.
Free Floating Magnetic System
  • Feather light maneuverability, precision placement of microscope.
  • When the magnetic couplings are released via the handgrip, the PROergo floats to allow movement. Release of the button allows the microscope to reliably fix into position.
LCD Display mounted on rear panel
LCD display with intuitive user interface
  • Allows visualization of set parameters which can be programmed for 3 different users/uses.
  • For example, a frequently used working distance or light intensity can be set for nonsurgical root canal therapy vs. surgical root canal therapy in advance.
    Varioskop for easy working distance adjustment
  • Utilizing the function keys on the handgrips the operator can precisely adjust the internal optics. There is no lens change or compromise.
  • Changing positions or different working distances – press the Varioskop button. Motorized Varioskop for continuous adjustment of the working distance at the push of a button; focusing range 200mm to 415mm. This is ergonomics at its finest.
                               Xenon light source
Unparalleled visualization of root canal anatomy allowing excellence in treatment!